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Paint Chip Poetry: yellow, green & brown 

January 4, 2016

Paint Chip Poetry is a project inspired by an artist colleague who suggested using the paint samples found in hardware stores to inspire mini-poems, beginnings of fiction, haikus, surrealism, fantasy, word-play. 

woven alder branch catches the day sleeping on its linen shadow
Ranchland sundown.

Black hills release the hounds

down, the crocodile froth

up, the citrus white sky

here, in its limelite, walks your salt-weathered plank soul.

butterscotch, amber / my tongue turns gold when you kiss me

i call my curiosity Lady Ophelia, she tries the honeycomb before the bees have left and the yellow stains her eyes long after, searching –

When they found earth, it was all alone: elegant, from a storybook. They all but frolicked into that desert crater with its craggy floor that looked like cracked wheat or appropriated pottery. In the evening, the heat burned off into antimony shadows. The mystery was sublime. They breathed deeply and air hit the back of their throats like bourbon underneath that great golden antiquity.

In their celadon throats some essential call,

meadowlarks of the marsh

hang over the waterscape like lichen


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