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Paint Chip Poetry: red, pink & purple

January 4, 2016

Paint Chip Poetry is a project inspired by an artist colleague who suggested using the paint samples found in hardware stores to inspire mini-poems, beginnings of fiction, haikus, surrealism, fantasy, word-play. 

The rose orchid kissed with fuzzy crumbs of cherry pollen.

Fairy beach inside the pink, blushes.

We danced like love junkies to the biscuit song until the apricot blush of dawn.

Poor beached beluga, all shades of mushroom and scruffier than a pirate on flat seas.

Moth flosses its wings in butter, flies with the gleam of a copper coin burnished by the fountain water.

You were a defeated statue, lying on its side. Burnt words from your elegant mouth and I knew I had lost. She had already fortified your heart and lit the ceremonial flame.

Dutch door opens to a tulip shaped bell. The ring brings a woman wearing dear, wooden shoes and painted cheeks to the counter. Petite camellia cakes served under a snow of lavender sorbet. Her boutique has a flair for whimsy.

Midnight is a patchwork quilt of plum and grape and a lullaby of darling darling darling

Her, him, red cayenne.

Have you ever seen wind tango with sand? We stood on a jagged ochre Mesa and the elements were in motion with the colors, and the poetry found its way to our hair and into our socks.

We went to New Beginnings Island once and never found it again. People say it was just our imagination.


original photography by kaitlin deasy


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