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Create, because

September 3, 2013

Even a charcoal smudge can elevate

Shadowy bodies hunched beneath umbrellas,

In the formidable dark of winter –

Create, and pay your dues to the sweetness of life –

Lick the tip of your pen

So as to draw your lover, reclined just so,

Ablaze because of you

Because of you –

Create, because of you and

Because there is no other way

Around or above your impression of the world –

Create, because of the extraordinary naked body

Create, because nothing is commonplace, after all.

Create, because of the sleeplessness and worry

Because of war and your remoteness.

Create, because you itch to do something

Like the dog, paw to ear

Create, because each moment deserves

To be scratched and therein lies some measure

Of your participation –

Create, because your reaction to the dome of

Night sky from your specific junction

In longitude and latitude, within one

Singular moment in time, is so lusty that it

Cannot otherwise be contained –

Create, so as to linger on,

Create, so as to extend your appetite –

Create, to know one’s self –

What a terrifying and radiant thing.


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