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The Great Wave

July 8, 2013

Am I to desire you who teach non-attachment?

I am tsunami; with violence and duration

My petitions, as in wave shoaling, heighten to break in fists

And sea spray upon your coastline

Am I to desire you who speak of immaterial love?

Alone, to embrace these long, lilac shadows?

When your mouth is tropical water, a sleepy harbor

Of honeysuckle skin and halcyon limbs.

Am I to desire you who whisper in parables of reason?

You persuade me that need is only the howling infant,

With softness you cradle my angry wet face

With patience you crouch at my perimeter

Until I learn to swim in the waters of my ego, relentlessness,

And the miles and miles of longing

Am I to desire you who are afraid of the word and the action?

I am sea storm and you are the fishing vessel,

I lap at the port of your manhood and obliterate your resolve

Until you commit to the bow of the word with conviction

And my miles and miles

This poem is ogiji, sweet fugitive,

That my deference may suspend in your mind like

The Great Wave off Kanagawa.


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