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State of Desire

June 14, 2013

Maybe the state of desire

Is more satisfying than the

Desire to satiate.

A single, ringing image of

Reunited love! Allow it

To dangle like an unobstructed chime

Learn how to let the wanting

Fill you completely.

For nothing conjures magic

Like the honeyed heart of a woman

Whispering long after dark:

Come back to these benevolent arms.

The message sent forth as a spell

In the beak of imagination

To one very lost vagrant

Rambling the map-less

Tunnels of his own mind,

He is a cartographer of the dark,

Where others just play.

Certain things are made precious this way –

Waiting spins desire into a song

And songs walk us to the point of

A pulsating, glittering truth –

Have we not all dangled unobstructed, gazing?

Do good and love deep is one take.

But we interpret the ringing differently, which is why

Some arms remain empty and

Hearts lay bare, gleaming and

Ready to be stumbled upon –

A treasure for someone to claim

And safeguard.


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