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On Singularity

March 6, 2013


To carry beyond is to put an eye on

The past. It is observing how much

Meaning one particular instance can hold

Beneath a trellis, which is really a

Poetic construction of our limited time,

Overgrown with ivy, a latticework of singular

Accumulated moments, adding beauty

To an otherwise ordinary, bell curve arbor –

Used here to frame all meaning like how

A trellis might be used in a photograph to

Establish perspective, then order.



In passing a neighboring residence, one glimpse:

Down a corridor, somewhat concealed

By ivy; at a boy in green pajamas

Standing alone, his hair yellow,

Emblazoned by the sun, by which

His small, energetic body is made

Serene, and lost like my cursory

Glance in his direction, transference from

Him to me to you, of being consumed in a

Particularly warm spot of sun on

An adolescent spring morning, when

Nature commands one to shiver in delight and be still.


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